Privacy Policy

1 Objectives

Failure to protect personal information has caused businesses to suffer significant consequences. At WILL GROUP, we are committed to preventing such failure by setting forth the following policy designed to protect the personal information of our clients.

2 Basic Policy

We stand by the management ideal of creating service opportunities with high expected value in the business fields of “working,” “interesting,” “learning” and “living” as a change agent group that brings positive transformation to individuals and organizations. As we regard the protection of personal information as an important element for realizing this ideal, we ensure that all employees and managers recognize the importance to protect such information and handle personal information provided by our clients with great care and implement the following measures so that clients can use our services with a sense of security.

3 Steps and Procedures

We recognize the importance to handle personal information appropriately and consider it to be a social responsibility. We are committed to fulfilling such responsibility by carrying out the following steps and procedures.

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